© Autosavvy Webmaster:  Box Office Computers Note: All menu items listed shows only some of the features and interactive screenshot links - The actual programme provides a fully comprehensive feature rich DEALER  MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. AUTOSAVVY makes refunds secure and easy to manage. This  feature provides, maximum security via a double password  access feature, easy transaction search and refund facility and a copy invoice generator.    Direct link to www.autosavvy.co.za website. A comprehensive “Motor Dealer Management System” A standard key element of AUTOSAVVY is its ability to quantify,  compare, analyse and report on all complex business activities  using comprehensive up-to-date information.. The system holds  a vast range (over 115) of user friendly automated, selectable,  relevant date period and topic filterable, management reports.     Managing the business efficiently and profitably with maximum ease becomes effortless. Searching for any record ever captured in AUTOSAVVY is simple and fast. A multi functional dynamic comprehensive task specific Rapid search facility is available and is located strategically throughout the system. AUTOSAVVY contains a dynamic real time bank recon facility for end of day or any selected period including a summarised daily sales report.(Record) Besides the detailed comprehensive vehicle stock file  AUTOSAVVY contains an audit trail which automatically tracks  the logged in user and documents any change or alteration the  user makes to the data within the file. A handy communicating  tool for important reminders with automated alerts pertaining  to any significant information is integrated with each vehicle  stock file.  AUTOSAVVY's Valuations and quotations feature is an  adaptable facet which facilitates easy management of daily  appraisals and previous encounter alerts to provide consistent repeat trade-in offers. By logging previous encounters the  system warns the user that the same vehicle was previously  presented for a valuation and what the details consisted of.  An automated integrated "take this vehicle into stock"  directly from the valuations page facility is available, should  the deal materialise, to eliminate unnecessary duplication.  Payments received are managed with maximum ease and security via AUTOSAVVY's comprehensive creditors payment facility, which converges account and deposit payments of various types to each individual invoice.          Goto Page : 1 2 Page 2 Page 2